January 1999
V2021, V2023 and B & O VCR60 models added. Details of the Philips remote control added.
Gallery page extended.
February 1999
History page added.
Spinning Logo added and Gallery page updated.
April 1999
New chat page URL
PALsite joins the V2000 web-ring.
May 1999
Full details of the 22AV5530 V2020/1/2/3 20-pin AV adaptor added. Thanks to Kelvin at AudioViz for help with this.
October 1999
Fix 22AV5530 page.
November 1999
Grundig V1600 and the V2080 updated. Thanks to Steve Hanley for providing more information about these models.
January 2000
V2000 PALsite migrated to a new server provided by 2020Media and primary URL changed to http://v2000.palsite.com
March 2001
ITT580 model added.
Updated V2334 image provided by Ian Barlow.
New V2000 Lore section added. Ian Barlow has submitted two articles.
May 2001
Grundig 2x4 Plus page added. Many thanks to Bernd, [email protected], for supplying pictures and information about this model.
August 2001
The URL of the V2000 Chat Page has changed to http://www.chat-page.com/v2000
June 2003
V2414 page added. Many thanks to Marek Gorecki for supplying pictures and information about this model.
March 2005
VR2350 model images updated. Many thanks to Cees Doomernik.
March 2024
Improvements to make the site more responsive and compatible with mobile devices.