London, 31st December 1998

V2000 PALsite is the little brother of Betamax PALsite and has been created in response to the over-whelming support and enthusiasm that has been received since Betamax PALsite was launched back in April 1997. Unlike the Betamax format the Video 2000 format is no longer a current format anywhere in the world. Nevertheless it lives on the hearts and minds of many. It is our hope that PALsite will play a role enabling like minded people to meet, talk and exchange news and ideas about the format.

Keeping V2000 alive will be an uphill struggle. Already, here in the UK, spare parts are near impossible to obtain and many people are having to break up old machines in order to use them for spares. If anybody out there knows of any little Aladdin's caves of spares tucked away somewhere then please let the rest of us know!

V2000PALsite has been created by Alan Barnett and Martin Evans with the help of Sebastian Sekinger, Hamid Khan, Dave Stanley, Richard Reynolds, John Williams and Kelvin from AudioViz. Many thanks to all of you - this would not have been possible without you.

We hope that V2000 PALsite will grow over time in the same way the Betamax site has. This is very much a living site and a work in progress that is dedicated to supporting and promoting the V2000 video format. It is non-commercial and is run on a good will basis. All original material is © Alan Barnett and Martin Evans unless stated otherwise and should not be used without permission.

V2000 PALsite first went on line on 31st December 1998 at and

Help PALsite. Alan and Martin are always pleased to hear from fellow enthusiasts. Please feel free to contact us any time and if we can help we will. Contributions to PALsite are most welcome and will be included with pleasure.

E-mail Alan at [email protected] and Martin at [email protected].