Philips 1983
Betamax V2020

Video 2000  


Remote Control

This model did not come with remote control as standard but did have the capability to have one fitted.
The Infra-Red remote control adaptor kit, as it was called, came in three pieces, one was the handset.

The second an IR receiver/pre-amplifier which clipped underneath the sloping front panel on the Left Hand Side, and thirdly an interface box which plugged in to 5 Pin DIN socket on the Left Hand Side of the rear panel.

A-V Connector

This was a break out connector which plugged into the A-V socket on the rear of the VCR. It provided Audio/Video inputs and outputs. For Pin Out details see the AV Connector Page.

Accessories Supplied

The VCR was supplied with a cassette tape, a two pin mains lead and an aerial lead.