Philips 1983
Betamax V2334

Video 2000  


The V2334 was a sister model to the V2324. Like the V2324 the V2334 was second generation machine from Philips. The feature that made this model special was the inclusion of Infra-Red remote control as standard.

Compared to the V2324 the electronic tuner was only able to store few channels (35 channels compared to 99 channels for the V2324) and the picture search was slower (it operated at 5 times normal speed compared to 7 times for the V2324).

The machine was produced in a silver colour and was retailed in the UK for £450 in 1983.

Silver version

Many thanks to Kelvin at AudioViz for help with information on this model.
Thanks also to Ian Barlow for supplying the picture.