Grundig 1984
Betamax V2080

Video 2000  


The Grundig machine is special because it is the first V2000 VCR to have a long play mode giving a massive total of 16 hours recording time on a single tape. The VCR is an excellent model by any standards. Unlike most V2000 VCR's it's a true front loader.

The VCR also featured good assemble editing features which allowed video footage to be appended together. It had a unique 1/3 slow motion playback facility in long play mode. (The Philips LP machine has no picture in the long play mode.)

The machine does not feature index search but does support picture search, slow motion and freeze frame.

The timer was an 8 event 99 day device, which like the V1600 did not recognize leap years.

The machine retailed in the UK for £479 in 1984.

Many thanks to Sebastian Sekinger, Kelvin and Steven Hanley for help with information on this model