Grundig 1984
Betamax V1600

Video 2000  


This VCR was Grundig's second generation V2000 VCR and was known as the 2X4 (also known as the Grundig 1600). It was marketed as a low budget machine, its sister the V2080 was the first V2000 machine with long play.

This model did not have DTF, nor a manual tracking control, tracking seems a slow and hit-and-miss affair. It does not appear to have a dropout compensator or if it does, it is certainly not very effective.

To get E-E loop through you have to hold the STOP button down while you tune the channels in. Its only saving grace is that it is at least fairly lightweight.

The V1600's design featured a tucked away top loading mechanism. Tuner pre-selection was via thumb wheels under a flap on the left hand side. The timer was 1 event 99 day which interestingly did not recognize February 29th. Picture search was 7 times normal speed forward and 5 times reverse speed. Both modes were black and white, pause however was in colour.

Infra red remote control was optional. The machine retailed in the UK for £369 in 1984.