Philips 1984
Betamax VR2840

Video 2000  


The machine is special because it is the first Philips V2000 VCR to have a long play mode giving a massive total of 16 hours recording time on a single tape. It also has linear stereo as well!

This model really showed what could be achieved with the V2000 format. It is an excellent model by any standards. Like most Philips V2000 VCR's it's a top loader and retains the classic v2000 look incorporating a sloping front panel which contains a numeric keypad for timer/clock setting. It also features the unique operation principles of Philips V2000 machines with no stand-by/record button.

The XL mode (long play as it is now known) does not feature fast, slow still or reverse playback modes but gave good picture quality.

The machine retailed in the UK for £499 in 1984.