Philips 1983
Betamax V2324

Video 2000  


The V2324 was a second generation machine from Philips. Styled in a similar fashion to the V2020 family. The biggest difference is in overall size, it occupies less than half the volume of the V2020, and weighs considerably less.

Like all V2000 VCR's this model uses Dynamic Track Following for reduced noise during picture search and pause modes. It also incorporates a system called Dynamic Noise Suppression for improved sound quality. (This was the formats noise reduction system and worked to reduce tape hiss on playback.)

The electronic tuner could store up to 99 channels in its electronic memory and the timer could be programmed to record up to 5 events. The built in clock could be set for any date up to the year 2099 making it Millennium Compliant.

Timer setting was achieved using the keypad located on the front panel. Time entry was achieved by simply keying in the start and end times. There was no need to mess with fiddly clock up/down buttons as with some other VCR's. Also unique to the V2000 VCRs was the lack of a timer record button. There was no need for this function as the unit would simply switch into record at the pre-determined record time if it was not already in use. The VCR also had a sleep function which could be used to turn the machine off after a pre-determined time and was intended to be used in conjunction with the record mode

The machine was produced in a dark grey colour and was retailed in the UK for £399 in 1983.

Pye 23VR24
Pye 23VR24

Many thanks to Kelvin at AudioViz for help with information on this model and to Ian Barlow for the picture.